Teacher gifts

If I haven’t said it yet, Pinterest is a wonderful wonderful place.  I don’t think I’ve come up with one single original gift idea yet the season.  Why expend that energy?  Isn’t life mostly about taking an idea and improving on it anyway?

I saw these customized sanitizer bottles, which originally came from The Idea Room. Genius! 
Cheap, easy, cute, practical, and did I mention GENIUS?!! 
This whole project comes from people who pinned the idea on Pinterest.  Monogram from The Red Kitchen , labels from Monika Wright.  Go to the Idea Room for directions, because my camera has disappeared, and I’m recording life with my phone.

  I’m thinking of slapping some velcro on the back of our bus drivers bottle so he can stick it to the dashboard.

Each teacher gift cost me less than $1.50. 

  • $1.05 – sanitizer at Dollar Tree w/tax
  • $0.12 – 1/6th cost of color photocopy onto transparency
  • $0.10 – paper & ribbon already on hand.

Happy Sanitizing :-)


  1. Anna says:

    Good idea

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